Following the great success of their, Italian design talent store, Tiziano Pazzini and Alberto Galimberti developed, a unique and personalized service that allows companies in the furniture and design sector to access multiple digital channels through a platform specially developed according to their needs.

From furniture to accessories, from carpet to lamp, everything can be bought, or at least evaluated, online. Indeed, according to Furnichannel, 56% of purchases are conditioned directly or indirectly by online activities – even if only 6% of customers complete the whole process online, 50% of them either evaluate the product online and then buy it in-store, or evaluate in store and purchase on the web. Thus, for the companies it is not a question of competition between with traditional and online stores, rather, a way to maximize the visibility of their offer and facilitating the access to products. Furthermore, the platform guarantees efficiency and professionalism by offering to the brand that choose it, and the customer who benefits from it, a series of tailor-made services ranging from international logistics to customer service and digital marketing. Also, choosing the Catalog Integration service, companies will be able to easily increase their brand leverage selling their products on the major e-commerce sites, including marketplaces and other multi-brand furniture e-tailers, such as Amazon, Yoox, Alibaba, and Vente-privee.

Furnichannel services close the gap between online and traditional stores allowing brands to offer to their customers a fully integrated purchasing experience. In fact, furniture customers can seamlessly bounce back and forth between the web and physical retailers to collect information and evaluate options without losing track of the progress made in the process: adding products to their online wish-list, they can get availability notifications from their local store, and integrate their wish-list directly from the store; they can book only appointments at the physical store and sale assistants can follow up through a dedicated online tool. is already an innovative reality that is revolutionizing the world of online furniture entering the DNA of companies, enabling them to offer an e-shopping experience that can generate sales both on the net and in traditional stores.

Martina Morelli

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