DECO_pmostra_forliThe ’20s of the last century, between the Great War and the gloomy horizon of totalitarianism, have been intense and frantic years immersed in luxury, joy of life and aesthetic freedom; dreamy atmospheres for a taste able to permeate everything, from art to fashion, from architecture to furniture.

This is what emerges in the “Art Déco. Gli anni ruggenti in Italia” (The roaring years in Italy) exhibition, held from February, 11th to June, 18th at the Musei di San Domenico in Forlì and designed by Valerio Terraroli, Claudia Casali and Stefania Cretella .
440 art items on display, including sculptures, paintings, drawings, ceramics, vintage clothing, furniture and exquisite pieces of jewelry that illustrate the fusion between arts and crafts, and present the first signs of the concept of modern design, which is at the base of the ‘Made in Italy’. The exhibition follows a chronological order, with thematic sections, and shows important pieces like lamps by Venini and Fontana Art, ceramics by Gio Ponti and sculptures by Arturo Martini, as well as furniture, silk and 40 extraordinary jewels.
“I deliberately use the term taste to talk about Deco – explains Terraroli – to distinguish it from the term style, which is a form of language based on ideals, ideological values and of the transformation of society at all levels. Deco does not have these characteristics, it is a feeling, an atmosphere, an expression of the joy of life. It is the mask worn by the upper middle class that at the end of the War finds itself very enriched, but that wants to forget about it and not get involved in politics. Deco is like a glamorous overlay of charm and beauty that keeps daily trivialities away.”

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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