elisa-citterioAfter four years of interviews, listening, conversations and assessments,aa Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra announced to have finally identified Elisa Citterio as the suitable successor of Jeanne Lamon, who retired in 2014 after 33 years in the job.

Citterio, a world-renowned baroque violin soloist and music director, is currently based in Milan where she has been a member of the La Scala Orchestra since 2004, but will move to Toronto with her family to formally begin the job in July. She also has an extensive solo career, although during the years she has also performed with a number of Italian baroque performers including Fabio Biondi’s Europa Galante, harpsichordist Stefano Demicheli and violinist Stefano Montanari.
One of the turning points of the selection process was the concert that Citterio gave with Tafelmusik last September for the opening of the orchestra’s current season. In that occasion musicians and audience alike had the chance to appreciate Citterio’s fresh approach to baroque music, grace and style.

As music director, Citterio will be responsible for an enormous range of responsibilities including: Tafelmusik’s overall artistic leadership, concert planning, touring, recording, education and artist training.
Citterio commented: “I accept the position of Music Director of the extraordinary Baroque Orchestra Tafelmusik and its Chamber Choir with great pleasure and enthusiasm. First of all I want to thank Tafelmusik for the trust they granted me, a special thanks goes also to Jeanne Lamon for the incredible artistic guidance exercised in the last three decades. I feel incredibly honored to take on this role, which gives me the privilege to work with such brilliant musicians.”

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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