Until January 7th, the Florentine museum will have on show the works of the Russian director

For the first time, an exponent of the seventh art is the protagonist of an exposition hosted by the most famous Florentine museum, and the artist that has been chosen is Sergei Ejzenštejn, the Russian film director author of such iconic movies as ‘The Battleship Potëmkin’.
The exhibition, titled ‘Ejzenštejn – La rivoluzione delle immagini‘ (the revolution of images), features seventy-two drawings from the Russian State Archive of Literature and Art (RGALI) in Moscow, which were produced almost entirely in the early thirties and in 1948, the year of the premature death of the director. The drawings, by Ejzenštejn’s admission, represent a sort of automatic transcription of thoughts, a flow on paper, which preceded and inspired his movies. The drawings are alternated with screenings of scenes from movies such as ‘Strike’, ‘The Battleship Potëmkin’, ‘Alexander Nevsky’, and other Ejzenštejn’s masterpieces.

The Russian filmmaker is celebrated in Florence on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Socialist Revolution in Russia. With this exhibition the Uffizi Gallery pays tribute to one of the most interesting personalities of twentieth-century culture who, with his versatility, his interest in foreign cultures – he was passionate about Japan and spoke Japanese, he traveled to Mexico and to the United States -, his passion for painting and drawing, and his innovative filmmaking vision upset the customs of his time.

Ejzenštejn – La rivoluzione delle immagini‘ will be on show at the Uffizi Gallery until January 7, 2018.

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