nuvola-lavazzaCondividere means sharing with others, and it is also the name of the new gourmet restaurant by Lavazza inspired by a new philosophy of taste, a new way of consuming food with the informal sharing of signature dishes. It will be built within the new Lavazza headquarters, in the heart of Turin, a city that wants a leading role in the haute cuisine scene, as well as the capital of Italian coffee. Wanted by Lavazza that drew up the project with Ferran Adrià, Condividere by Lavazza will have a set-up designed by Oscar winning scenographer Dante Ferretti, while the kitchen and restaurant will be managed by Federico Zanasi, a brilliant young Italian chef.

Adrià – food philosopher and international gastronomy guru – illustrates the new concept restaurant: “Condividere will offer a shared experience of high culinary level in an environment that makes you feel comfortable, good and wanting to be together. It will be a way of interpreting gastronomy that focuses on the person and his/her needs to socialize, share, search for quality and love for food (…) in a casual and friendly setting.”
Five hundred square meters of taste and experience in the capable hands of Zanasi – Best Sous Chef of the Year 2011 – who, since 2012, has been chef of Hotel Principe delle Nevi’s restaurant in Cervina following 9 years of work with Moreno Cedroni. Zanasi commented: “The philosophy behind the new restaurant Condividere by Lavazza is unique. Everything comes together from a systematic study of Italian raw materials, from the tale of their origins, from the explanation of their history and evolution – this is the gastronomic experience on which Condividere is based on.”

Ferretti, Oscar-winning production designer, designed the restaurant so that it creates a dialogue between “the majesty of the location and the pleasure of being together, of eating with friends enjoying haute cuisine in a place that is warm and dreamy at the same time.”

Franco Del Panta

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