After many hours of work and running to catch the train that will take you home just in time for dinner, preparing a tasty and balanced homemade meal can be very difficult. Anna Prandoni, a commuter herself, had the idea to offer a service to ease commuters life and give them one more option to pamper themselves at the end of a long day of work.
The start-up iCestini –  as 697ead9cd9c8bda6fc4f63a39915f33d_Lin the baskets that once commuters used to take their lunch to work in – puts into practice an idea of food delivery specifically studied for metropolitan travelers: ready to eat meals delivered directly into the station, shortly before the departure time of customers’ trains.
The traditional lunchbox becomes a great idea for convenient, yet genuine and proper, dinner: practical packaging, attractive and functional transport, online order, timely service, quality food and excellent value for money.
Through the online platform customers select their ‘dinnerbox’ from the daily menu, which is frequently updated according to seasonal ingredients and the creativity of Fabio Zago, the chef. Zago creates simple and tasty recipes, on the basis of Italian regional cuisine: kale, beans and potatoes soup; lasagna with artichokes and ricotta; guinea-fowl with stewed cabbage; kamut rigatoni with chickpeas, bacon and pepper; trifle and many others. All the dishes are prepared on the day and packed in heat-sealed biodegradable trays that, once at home, can be heated in the oven or microwave for a few minutes. Among the options to choose from there is even a bouquet to decorate the table!
Ilona Catani Scarlett

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