Cannes2017 cardinaleThe poster of the 70th edition of the Cannes Film Festival portrays Claudia Cardinale dancing on the fiery red background: “Claudia dances, Claudia laughs, Claudia lives”. The poster, coinciding with the prestigious anniversary, promises a festival red as passion and bright as gold.
The Italian actress moved to Paris a long time ago and commented on the choice of her picture with enthusiasm, without mentioning the controversy raised by the fact that the photo seems to have been airbrushed to make her look thinner: “In addition to being honored and proud to have been chosen as color bearer of the next edition of the festival, I am particularly happy because that specific photograph has been selected.

It encompasses a thought, a reasoning, the way I imagined the festival at that time of my life.” Cardinale reveals the genesis of the shoot: “I was on a rooftop in Rome, in 1959, I do not remember anything, not even the name of the photographer, I forgot it. But that picture makes me think about my beginnings, a time when I never imagined I could end up on the steps of the most famous Palace of cinema of the world. Happy Anniversary Cannes!”
Created by the agency “Bronx” and signed by Philippe Savoir, the poster is preparing to invade the streets, the buildings, the shops of Cannes, from May 17, the day of the opening.

Pedro Almodovar, president of the jury, commented: “There could have not been, for the upcoming event, a better symbol than this adventurous performer, this independent woman, this socially active citizen. – He also added – Openness and hospitality will characterize, like every year, the Croisette for 12 days, describing a world that dares to show itself, to look at itself, to talk.”

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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