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In the less known region of Calabria it is possible to find some of the best Italian meals and wines.
Battered in its past by earthquakes, wars and corruption, Calabria’s culinary traditions, local culture and impressive sceneries are finally opening to the travellers who are willing to discover the secrets of a genuine Italian marvel.

The toe of Italy’s boot is making of organic farming and wine made from local grapes its strong point, reviving centuries-old local grape varieties like gaglioppo and magliocco. The strong tastes of capers and spicy chilies – peperoncino – are are all around, but some of the best places where to enjoy them are: Ristorante Agriturismo Dattilo in Crotone – where you will also be able to lodge in accommodations that are part of the farm complex -, Ristorante Ruris in Isola Capo Rizzuto, Al Pinturicchio in Tropea and Antonio Abbruzzino in Catanzaro.

A region characterised by dramatic landscapes, steep coastal villages, ancient sites and an intrinsic raw beauty and also by the pervasive scent of bergamot, of which it produces much of the world’s supply. In the early winter months, the scent of the bergamot flowers fills the air with an aroma so sweet and thick that is almost indescribable.

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