inglese TRUMP“I have already sent to president-elect Trump a white shirt with classic collar in poplin fabric, made in my workshop. He will wear it on January 20, the day of his inauguration as the 45th US president”. These the words of Angelo Inglese, the shirtmaker from Castellaneta (Taranto).

Angelo is a craftsman of shirts. His family tailor’s shop was founded in 1955 and he has been working there for fifteen years, since when, following his father death, he left law school to carry on the family craftsmanship. Their shirts are handsewn, with quality fabrics, refined thread and buttons and the utmost care and attention to detail. These tailoring masterpieces have been worn, among others, by the British royal family, the Coppola family and countlesssts ministers, tycoons and international movie stars.

George Lombardi, the real estate developer of Italian origin that during the presidential campaign was responsible for Trump social media communication is a members of ‘Mad for Italy’, an association that promotes Italian culture and excellence in the US. This has been the connection that brought the Italian creations, whose excellence is deeply rooted in the culture of their territory, to the White House.
Concerning the size Trump prefers to wear comfortable shirts, wider than the more elegant Italian style, and even if Inglese respects customer’s choices, he doesn’t hide that he hopes to be able to get the president-elect to wear a closer fitting collection.

Inglese’s next US project will be in partnership with another member of the ‘Mad for italy’, John Viola. in the concernes the production in collaboration with another member of ‘Mad for Italy’, John Viola, of laces. The final result of this collaboration will be lace created in accordance with the Apulian tradition, which has been declaired UNESCO’s intangible heritage.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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