Every year the EFP – European Film Promotion – invites the brightest young European actors to represent the artistic excellence of their country to the event that launched names like Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz. On the grounds of his “incredible charisma” the jury has chosen Alessandro Borghi to represent Italy at the Shooting Star 2017.
The 30-year-old Roman actor, who first came to prominence with ‘Non essere cattivo’ by Claudio Caligari and Alessandro Borghi‘Suburra’ by Stefano Sollima, has done a lot of work on TV, collecting each role and its opposite – the policeman and the gunman, the good guy and the murderer, the upstart and the insecure -, which, without any formal acting education, have been the training ground that allowed him to become a chameleon behind the camera. A mop of blonde platinum hair, a well-kept beard paired with a shaved head that reveals a tattoo, long hair down to the middle of the back, jacket and tie, you never know what to expect from him – the only constant being his deep blue eyes. In this sense his many and varied life experiences – waiter, construction worker, salesman, security guard, stuntman, economics studies, boxing – have probably contributed to his flexibility.
Even the world of fashion fawns over Borghi, and he remarks: “It amuses me to model, it is a game in a world far from mine. I do not understand my colleagues that dissociated themselves from it, as if modeling or doing a photo shoot meant that you can not make serious films”. Labels are not his thing.
Commenting on his participation in Shooting Stars 2017, he said: “Well, I’m flattered. It is the proof that we Italians have to stop thinking that we do not have a chance. We live a wonderful globalization of cinema, we are part of it: it’s time to break down the barriers.”
Ilona Catani Scarlett

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