agrigentoValley of the Temples. “Agri Gentium: landscape regeneration”, signed by the Archaeological Park, has been chosen by the Ministry of Culture as the project for the protection and enhancement of landscape, tangible and intangible heritage to represent Italy in the race for the Council of Europe’s Landscape Award.

Many the local and national partners contributing to Agri Gentium to constitute a network that allows every corner of the valley to shine in unison with its cultural liveliness; starting with the Kolimbetra – restored by the FAI (Fondo Ambientale Italiano) and described by Luigi Pirandello as the “garden of the gods” because of its pools, streams and avenues colored by pomegranates trees – to continue with the excursions on historical trains, the culinary innovations of a valley – where olive trees produce a delicious oil -, and the vineyards in the shade of the temples – producing the nectar-like wine Diodoro.

The objectives that the project achieved in terms of redevelopment of the sites through the enhancement of all the historical and cultural, tangible and intangible components that characterize the valley have been the crucial elements that contributed to the selection of Agrigento.

Indeed, Agrigento’s natural, man-made and cultural wonders constantly intertwine and are celebrated in a lively cultural environment. This is the cradle that in March will host the Blossoming Almond Trees and, from May to June, The Writers’ Street Festival, which will coincide with the 150th anniversary Pirandello’s birth and enhance the native places, of Sciascia, Camilleri, Pirandello and many other writers.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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