Cristalli di Zucchero RomeFrom the Alps to Sicily here are the best places where to indulge your senses in a sweet world made of incredible delicacies, refined raw materials, charming atmospheres and traditional specialties.

Acherer in Brunico

In Acherer, in addition to traditional Tyrolean products, it is possible to enjoy sweet chocolates filled with surprising ingredients, macarons and all sorts of cakes. There are only few seats, but you will certainly savor multi-sensory products.

Cortinovis in Ranica
Cortinovis is near Bergamo and it produces exquisite products born from flawless workmanship. Cakes, pastries, pralines, macaroons and chocolates made by the skilled hands of the team led by Giancarlo, who has attended the prestigious Richemont School in Switzerland.

Pasticceria Veneto in Brescia
Pasticceria Veneto is Iginio Massari’s temple, and it is where you can enjoy and admire his creations. From croissants to biscuits, from chocolates to cakes, every wish is granted whether it is a national or internationally specialty. Because of this it has been elected as best patisserie in Italy by Gambero Rosso.

Pasticceria Marchesi in Milan
The historic Pasticceria Marchesi is one of the symbols of Milan. Its three shops – in Santa Maria alla Porta, Monte Napoleone and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – are to be considered real boutiques, with elegant spaces and refined pastries and savory delicacies that can be comfortably enjoyed in the patisserie, or taken away in charming packagings.

L ‘Éclair de Génie in Milan
L ‘Éclair de Génie is the creation of Christophe Adam, elected Chef of the Year 2014 by the famous Pudlo Guide. A shop with an absolutely contemporary design even in its delicious products, which change in accordance with the seasons, just like fashion collections.

Besuschio in Abbiategrasso
Besuschio’s staff, led by the founder Andrea, always uses high quality raw materials and processe them with refined techniques. Every product that comes from its workshop is a small masterpiece: from pralines to panettone, from mousses to cakes, everything would deserve a taste.

Gino Fabbri Pasticcere in Bologna
Gino Fabbri Pasticcere is a place where all the five senses can be pleasured. This is because of the excellent raw materials and the skill with which all the products are prepared.

Nuovo Mondo in Prato
Nuovo Mondo was opened by Paolo Sacchetti, the vice-president of the Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani. The delicacies produced in its laboratory are made with selected raw materials that rotate according to the season, but its real specialties are its famous Pesche di Prato, a traditional peach-shaped local product.

Cristalli di Zucchero in Rome
Cristalli di Zucchero, thanks to the skills of pastry chef Marco Rinella, is simply the best patisserie in Rome.

Caffè Sicilia in Noto
Caffè Sicilia, located in the center of Noto, was founded in 1892 and here you can taste the best Sicilian pastries and ice cream created by the master pastry chef Corrado Assenza. From almond slush to cannoli, from cassata to Mielarò, each product is made with the freshest ingredients.
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